Choosing the Best Tiles for Restaurant Kitchen

The word ‘tile’ refers to a durable material that can be placed and fixed in rows over a surface like walls or floor. Sunshine Coast is known to offer best quality tiling services including tiling services and installations. If you are looking for best tiling services Sunshine Coast provides you with numerous successfully operating tiling services that are providing quality services not only for residential projects but also for commercial projects.
The demand for tiling services in commercial kitchens has increased enormously. Usually, in residential kitchens quarry, ceramic, porcelain is used for flooring as these kitchens are subjected to less traffic while glass tiles are commonly used for walls and backsplashes.
But in a typical commercial kitchen, the floor is subjected to heavy traffic, so the flooring should be laid with something durable. The heavy traffic is created by the chefs and waiters who are constantly coming and going off the kitchen. This can take a heavy toll on the flooring, so it is required for the commercial flooring to be hard wearing. Thus the flooring in commercial kitchens needs to tolerate heavy duty than a domestic kitchen.

Commercial kitchens must have tile installations that hold up to these unique demands. Before purchasing tiles for the commercial kitchen, you should carefully consider tile selection and installation strategies. This will help you create long-lasting, safe and beautiful commercial kitchens. Here are some ways by which you can choose best tiles for your commercial kitchens.

Tile Selection
You should look for unglazed tiles that rated for heavy duty for commercial kitchens. The tiles should not only be durable but also be non-slippery. This helps the restaurant employees to fast movements in the kitchen. The tiles should have low porosity and high chemical resistance. There are commonly four types of commercial flooring currently being used in the busy commercial kitchens. The different types are listed below.
•    Vinyl commercial flooring- Vinyl tiles are one of the common types of tiles used for safety flooring in commercial kitchens. Vinyl is pliable and soft, so it goes easily on the feet of the kitchen staff. It is hard-wearing, strong, high-temperature resistant, water resistant, low-maintenance and relatively cost-effective. It creates a safe working environment.
•    Ceramic tiles- Ceramic tiles are ideal for commercial kitchens as they are resistant to intense heat, stains, and water. They are generally expensive than vinyl tiles, but they also provide an interesting aesthetic that is very essential when the kitchen is on view to the public.
•    Stone tiles- Several types of natural stone tiles are available in the market, and slate and granite are two of them. They are highly resistant to water, stain, and abrasion. Each of them provides a unique aesthetic that is a vital part of an open kitchen’s design.
•    Brick pavers- Brick pavers are the best option to add some textures and rich colours to a commercial kitchen. They are generally popular in delis and cafes where the customers can see right into the food preparation area. They are highly durable and resistant to stain and heat. But these tiles must be sealed as are vulnerable to moisture in their natural state.

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Slip Resistance
During the peak hours of the restaurant, usually, there is a lot of chaos in the commercial kitchens. This is because orders keep coming constantly and staffs and waiters moving hurriedly around the kitchen space. In all this chaos water, food and grease can be spilled accidently on the kitchen floor and thus it can become a cause of many serious slip accidents. Therefore commercial kitchens should possess a floor that is slip resistance.
Easy Maintenance
Commercial kitchen floors should be easy on maintenance. So that any spill on the floor can be cleaned up easily and completely at the end of the day. Tiles that are slip resistance or coated with epoxy are easy to clean. The simpler the floor of the kitchen the easier it is to clean.
If the kitchen of the restaurant is hidden from the public view and it needs to fit flooring on a budget, then vinyl is probably a good option. However, if the restaurant kitchen is a vital part of the overall look of the restaurant, then the other premium options can be opted for. These are the factors on which it should be decided to lay tiles in the commercial kitchens.

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